"1-2-3 READ" Game

by Ann Jackson
(Smyrna GA)

For one Teacher and one Student:

Stack about 20 sight word cards(any kind) in a pile with Faces down.

First Player(Student) He picks up one card at the time from top of the pile and counts each one-- "1 - 2 - 3",(keep cards face down), as he picks up the 4th card,(turn card face up); he says, "READ"....Student,himself, must read it. If student reads the word correctly,he takes the card.. If student reads the word incorrectly, then card is given to the teacher.
Second Player(teacher):He does the same thing, but Student must always read the 4th card.
This is repeated by both players until all the cards are taken.

Whoever gets more cards...WINS the game!

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