One of the Benefits of Play Is to Reduce Summer Learning Loss

The benefits of play are many because for children, play and learning are one in the same. Certain types of summer play can help prevent summer learning loss so let the games begin!

Three categories of play are very important to learning, and children of all ages can benefit from these types of play. Since meaningful activity is needed during the summer to stave off summer reading loss, these can be valuable activities to encourage during summer vacation.

Imaginative Play

The ability of a child to remember what he/she has read is based on his/her ability to imagine. Make-believe play is critical to this very important skill so encourage your little Prince or Princess to pretend — and play along with them!

It is important to comprehension, it is important to learning - and in the summer, it is particularly important because it may help him/her hold on to the skills learned during the school year.

Imaginative play is critical to future reading comprehension.

Reader's Theater is one of the surest ways to increase reading fluency, a skill also necessary for comprehension, so it is the perfect summer activity since it combines reading with imagination.

Free scripts are available online, and everyone can get involved. You may even decide to have your own family outdoor theater production and invite your family and friends!

Active Play

Physical activity is related to brain activity, and children who can skip, balance, jump, and hop read better than those who can’t. Coordination skills play an important role in becoming a good reader, and as parents, you can help by encouraging physical activity and outdoor play, especially during the summer.

Physical Activities Which Support Reading

  • Balancing

  • Skipping

  • Hopping

  • Jumping

  • Dribbling

  • Jumping rope

  • Clapping to a steady beat

  • Marching

Combining these activities with music is easy and fun so you can crank up your favorite tunes and join in.

Outdoor Play

Many learning experts are concerned that children are spending so little time outdoors. It goes beyond fresh air and exercise because it appears that children process information in a whole different way when they are outside.

So this summer encourage your children to play outside, and get out there and explore the great outdoors with them!

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Benefits of Play
The benefits of play are many because for children, play and learning are one in the same. Certain types of play can help your children learn, so let the games begin!

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Other suggestions

  • Have real conversations with your child about everything you see and do. Answer his/her questions—and ask some of your own.

  • Read to and with your child at every opportunity and talk about what you have read.

  • Point our words on signs and labels at home and in stores.

  • Encourage your child to play outdoors and to run, hop, skip, jump, and balance.

  • Sing and dance to music at every opportunity.

  • Clap in time to music.

  • See and do things you have not done before, then ask your child what he/she saw and did.

  • When watching movies or television programs together, pause them and ask your child to tell you what has happened and what he/she thinks will happen next. Discuss the meaning of unfamiliar words.