Car Games and Activities Can Help Your Child in School This Year

Car games and activities can help your children be successful in school this year. Among these fun learning games are rhyming games and memory games for children.

Since you’re in the car anyway, here are some things you can do to make this time count so that your child will do well in school.


I Spy—This is the perfect car game and is so versatile you can play it many different ways. Here are a few examples to get you started:

I Spy something that starts with “r” (make the sound or say the letter) (could be “road”)

I Spy something that ends with “ing” (could be “swing”)

I Spy something that rhymes with “loud” (could be “cloud”)

Rhyming Game—Say a word and let everyone take a turn saying a word that rhymes with it.

Memory Game—Name something you see out the car window. The next person says your word, then names something he/she sees. The third person must say the first two words in order before adding his/her own word, and so on.

Fun With Music

Turn off the radio and sing with your kids! Clapping in time with the music—any music—is a good activity, too, since rhythm and keeping a steady beat are important to reading.

Can’t think of any songs? Here are some you may have forgotten:

  • B-I-N-G-O

  • She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain

  • Old McDonald

  • Three Blind Mice

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Don't forget to point out the rhyming words - and feel free to change the words and make up songs of your own!

Story Telling

Many experts have come to believe that telling stories to children may be just as important as reading with them in terms of building vocabulary. Time in the car is perfect for this activity, and children of all ages love it.

Family History—Share stories and happy memories from your childhood. Family history is important, and your children will enjoy hearing about it from an expert on the subject—you!

Once Upon a Time...—Use this as a “Story Starter” to create stories together. Each person adds to the story before passing it along to the next person. The sillier you are, the better they will like it!

These car games and activities can help get you started, and hopefully you will think of more games of your own as you search for meaningful learning experiences this school year.

No matter where you are going or what vehicle you are driving, you can make this time count for your child.

Time spent in a vehicle can be learning time and can help prevent summer learning loss.

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For Parents

Car Games
Car games and activities can help children be successful in school this year. Among these fun learning games are rhyming games and memory games for children.

Benefits of Play
The benefits of play are many because for children, play and learning are one in the same. Certain types of play can help your children learn, so let the games begin!

Reading Together
Reading together is one of the best ways to help your child be successful when he/she returns to school in the fall. It is a great time to bond so snuggle up together with a good book!

Other suggestions

  • Have real conversations with your child about everything you see and do. Answer his/her questions—and ask some of your own.

  • Read to and with your child at every opportunity and talk about what you have read.

  • Point our words on signs and labels at home and in stores.

  • Encourage your child to play outdoors and to run, hop, skip, jump, and balance.

  • Sing and dance to music at every opportunity.

  • Clap in time to music.

  • See and do things you have not done before, then ask your child what he/she saw and did.

  • When watching movies or television programs together, pause them and ask your child to tell you what has happened and what he/she thinks will happen next. Discuss the meaning of unfamiliar words.