Geometry Terms Are Easier to Remember With Art

Geometry terms in middle school geometry and elementary geometry are easy to remember when geometry lesson plans include art projects. Geometry activities which include art are helpful as a vehicle for memory and make teaching geometry more effective and fun for everyone.

Art in education is at its best in the math classroom, and teaching math with art is especially effective in helping children remember and understand the language of geometry. Learning math is all about learning vocabulary, and these geometry projects extend the word wall as children use and illustrate the geometry words found there.

Scary Scalenes

When my students had difficulty remembering the different kinds of triangles, I began searching for a way to help. So I created the Scary Scalene geometry project in order to reinforce this type of triangle. It is the perfect activity to do for Halloween.

Scary Scalene - teaching geometry terms with art

Other Art Projects for Learning Geometry

Hidden Shapes – This project may be adapted to any grade level as students may be asked to hide shapes as simple as circles and squares or as complex as regular hexagons or acute/obtuse triangles.

Angle Animals – Students draw animals in their natural habitat with their mouths open to specified degrees. This assignment, too, may be modified to fit different grade levels as mouth specifications could include acute, obtuse, and right angles rather than specific degree measures.

Arc pictures – Drawing pictures using only arcs – no straight lines – reinforces the geometry term “arc” and yields some amazing results.

Trap-a-zoid assignment – This project can be used to fuse science, math, art, and language arts as students create a creature from another planet or solar system, a Zoid, and write details about its history, care, and feeding requirements.

In the Neighborhood – This project, too, may be adapted to different grade levels. Students create and draw a neighborhood with streets that may be parallel, perpendicular, or intersecting depending on your instructions.

My students were required to draw two parallel lines (streets) cut by a transversal (third street) and place specific buildings in alternate exterior or alternate interior angles. This language was difficult to grasp, and students needed them to be placed somehow in their context.

Mountain Village – This teacher-led center is a good way to introduce composite figures, and the display is absolutely beautiful!

Tangram Zoo – Students create animals with tangrams and figure the area of each.

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