Strategies for Teaching Writing Should Include School Wide Events

When strategies for teaching writing include school wide celebrations of children writing, magic happens and teaching the writing process becomes a community event.

Children will read what they write. They will also read what their friends write. A school-wide event focusing on their writing will give them plenty of opportunities to read and to experience success together.

Hold a Spring Flower Show to Promote Writing

A Flower Show held in the spring is a wonderful way to motivate children to write and encourage them to read other students' writing. It's also a good way to incorporate art into instruction.

Start by printing out seed packet templates so that children can design and color their own flower seed packets.

Place a "story seed" in each seed packet - a "story starter" - and distribute packets to students to get the ball rolling. There are many places online where you can find great writing prompts.

When students have finished writing their stories or poems, create displays in the school hallways for them. The more classes that participate in your school the more fun it will be and the more impressive will be the displays of the children's writing.

Send out invitations to the community inviting them to come to the Flower Show. It works best to set aside certain hours for viewing - 12:30 to 2:30, for example - to insure that there is no disruption to the school day.

Local garden clubs are always pleased to receive these invitations, and a guest book may be set up for visitors to sign when they check in at the front office.

Special Flower Show Passes may also be made for identifying visitors in the building.

Dogwood tree for displaying student writing

Student writing displayed at a school Flower Show.

Story seed packets with student writing.

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Seed packets designed and colored by students may also be displayed.

Seed packets and writing displayed in an elementary hallway.

Seed packets with writing prompts for story starters

Story starters in seed packets encourage student writing.

Flower Show Passes

Flower Show pass

Back side of passes