Word Wall Super Heroes Bring Words to Life

Word Wall Super Heroes make the words on your word walls come to life for students as they create characters to fight evil doers. Kids of all ages are attracted to the idea of super heroes, and this activity is suitable for any word wall in any subject or grade level. It involves the use of language and art and exercises creativity, writing, and reading skills.

Learning is about language, whether it be the language of math or sight word vocabulary, and word walls are by far the best activity I know to help children learn vocabulary of any kind. The more they read, use, and interact with the words, the more likely it is that the words will become part of their consciousness.

Of all the word wall activities and word wall games I have used, Word Wall Super Heroes is quickly becoming my favorite.


Children should be given an opportunity ahead of time to think about and plan for this assignment. Take some time a few days beforehand to talk with students about superheroes and ask them to name some of their favorites. Make a list together of the attributes and characteristics of a super hero.

Explain to students that they are going to create their own super heroes whose names must include words from the word wall. Each super hero will need to have at least one super power and a specialized vehicle. There must be a sidekick and an arch enemy, too, whose names must also be derived from words on the wall.

Since instruction in all subject areas should support reading, this is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce the concepts of character traits, conflict, antagonists, etc.

Because of the violence to which students are accustomed to seeing on television and in video games, they often want to include similar images, particularly when they draw Word Wall Super Heroes in combat with their arch enemies.

It is important to emphasize that the goal of these Super Heroes is to capture their arch enemies and turn them into good people who will help make the world a better place.

I do NOT accept guns, blood, or violence of any kind in any art projects.


When students have had a few days to discuss and plan their projects, finding the time to help them get started is the next step. Time after tests is generally a good time to begin art projects, and my students then finish them on their own time. I create and distribute a simple rubric before the test to guide them in completing each project and to let them know the expectations for each assignment.

The rubric for Word Wall Super Heroes places most of the emphasis on the narrative students will write to accompany their art work. It is important because it is here that they will introduce the hero, sidekick, arch enemy, and their super powers.

The biggest challenge for me is to refrain from giving suggestions or showing them examples. Doing this, I have found, narrows their creative field so I fight the urge to do so, even though I have some terrific examples of the project, as you can see, featuring Reflecto Girl who confuses her enemy by reflecting her image so it looks like there are two of her and Multiplication Man who is able to multiply himself in order to be in many places at one time.

Word Wall Super Heroes can help word walls come to life.

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Sixth grade narratives

Reflecto Girl
Kilo Man

My word wall superhero is Reflecto Girl. Her sidekick is Kilo Man, and their arch enemy is Count Sphera. Reflecto Girl’s super power is reflecting her image so it looks like there are two of her, therefore distracting the enemy. Her sidekick Kilo Man’s super power is that he can stretch himself. He stretches himself so he can be hundreds of meters tall or wide. This helps him block the enemy from getting away.

More about Reflecto Girl is she can also be fast so she can reflect herself from one place to another. Their arch enemy Count Sphera has an unusual power. He can turn into a sphere shape or ball. Doing this, he can roll around and bounce where these actions can make him a purple and blue blur going downhill.

Their super vehicle comes in handy. It may look small on the outside, but it is actually much bigger on the inside. There are places inside for their tools, outfits, and other important things. They call their vehicle the RK Superspeed Car.

Multiplication Man
Division Dude

Multiplication Man is a superhero who has the ability to multiply himself so that he can be many places at one time, doing much good. He can throw multiplication throwing stars which are equivalent to Batman’s Bat-a-rangs. He has a sidekick called Division Dude who can divide himself into smaller people. This is great when size is an issue.

Multiplication Man and Division Dude drive around in the Multiplication Mobile. This vehicle can multiply its speed by up to 10 times if needed. For example, if he is going 60 mph, he can multiply by 2 and go 120 mph. It has a cockpit for Multiplication Man and a cute little side car for Division Dude.

Multiplication Man’s arch enemy is Sinister Sum who constantly tried to add problems to Multiplication Man’s Day.