What is the Purpose of Homework in a Pandemic?

Homework is a task that often comes with backlash. Many brilliant students have rebelled against homework, telling their parents “no more homework” and pleading for a weekend where they don’t have to do math or read about the Crusades. Others refuse even to try the assigned work, turning the paper in at the last minute and hoping for a low grade to escape future assignments.

First off, you need to understand why homework exists.  It’s supposed to be a way of giving extra credit or extra workload if your class hasn’t had enough time for everyone.

Purposeful Time

Homework has traditionally been a way to add extra work time to the end of the school day. It is essential because it gives students the time and opportunity to study and prepare for class, and it allows teachers to grade papers and essays when they would otherwise not be able to make it into their classes. Homework can also help keep students in school while at home.

Crucial Questions

Homework can help essayists better grasp their topic and give them time to develop ideas.  Homework also allows the writer to submit their work in an organized and timely way.

What skill or concept am I assessing?

Homework is necessary in some cases, but students who get extra credit for doing homework often don’t use it correctly.  The most common problem with using homework is that it doesn’t provide enough time to take notes and practice tests.

Students who use their books and take extra practice may end up doing better on a test or exam. This helps improve their memory and processing of information, which some schools have noticed a decrease in since the introduction of homework assignments.

Is what the students are learning relevant to their world or culture?

Some students are not getting the best education because their teacher is focusing too much on homework assignments. The teacher’s time would be more beneficial to students instead of copying something from the board or taking out a piece of paper.

A student might have to spend 30 minutes working on a science project due the next day. The teacher would have to spend just as long, if not more, grading it and then redoing it if there are large errors.

Can students make choices or share their voices?

Students who receive homework often can’t choose something different without getting bad grades because it would be against the rules. The tendency to want to please the teacher is strong, and many students will choose what they think will please them.

It means that if a student turns in two papers for an assignment, it may be graded as one extra point even though they used less time than someone else. It creates “pressure for everyone” to do well or else lose points.

Is this a good use of students’ time?

Homework can also be costly or dangerous for students. Students may have to pay a babysitter to help them get their homework done, which is expensive and not always available.  Homework is famous for causing serious injuries from distracted parents, including broken arms and legs falling off stairs.


Homework is a controversial topic that people have been talking about for years. Some teachers claim that homework is the biggest influence on how well a student does in school.  Others think that homework is mostly a waste of time and doesn’t benefit anyone.

What you think about homework depends on its use and what you think is essential for learning. Homework can be a great tool, but it can also be counterproductive.

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