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Nov 26, 2016

Teaching Decimal Operations Doesn't Have to be Boring

Teaching decimal operations doesn't have to be boring with these fun activities.

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Aug 01, 2016

Back-to-school Go!!

It's not exactly Pokemon Go, but it is that time again - time for another school year to kick off soon. It will be year 35 for me!

As you ready your classrooms and get them back in order after the Waxing of the Floors (Is it just me?)I know you, like me, will be considering how to create a better learning environment for your students.

The information on Effective Learning Environment might help!

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Jul 22, 2016

Early Brain Development

This is important information for new parents.

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Jun 21, 2016

New Math Gold!

My kids couldn't remember how to find the range - until I did this!

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May 23, 2016

It's almost here!

Another school year is coming to a close - my 34th! - and summer is just around the corner. This is a time to help parents discover activities which can help prevent Summer Reading Loss. (Yes - its' a thing!) And you can't go wrong with sight word activities!

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Mar 21, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

A Flower Show is the perfect way to welcome Spring - and celebrate writing school wide!

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Mar 07, 2016

Complex Sentence Structure: A Creative Solution

Complex sentence structure can be difficult to teach when addressing proper sentence structure for kids. This creative solution uses art to help student improve.

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Mar 05, 2016

It's Almost Spring!

Spring will be here soon, and what better way to welcome it than to have a Flower Show to celebrate with student writing and accompanying art?

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Feb 18, 2016

Dance It Out!

Yesterday as I was showing students how to write percents as decimals, I told them they must "Hit the Quan" (meaning the decimal as a target) then move it two places to the left.

Of course this meant we had to dance it out to "Hit the Quan!!" It was so much fun and very good for all our brains.

Dancing doesn't take up much class time, and the benefits are many.

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Feb 03, 2016


You've been working hard, and here it is - already February! But will the children remember what they've been taught?

Here are some suggestions which might help improve memory.

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Jan 13, 2016

Readers Theater

When building fluency, there really is nothing like Readers Theater - and not just in reading!

Soon we will be creating scripts telling the story of Princess Perimeter who is unable to walk into the center of any room. What happened to her? We won't know until we read the scripts!

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Jan 06, 2016

Reading Fluency

Now that students have built a sight vocabulary, it is time to build fluency. Here are some ideas which may help.

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Nov 24, 2015

Holidays Word Walls

Tis the season to learn all sorts of holiday words! There is no better time to add to kids' vocabularies - as long as we remember to be culturally sensitive and include a wide range of celebrations and traditions.

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Nov 03, 2015

Diagnosing Learning Problems

You've identified students who are having difficulty learning. Now what?

Here is information that may help.

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Oct 19, 2015

Facebook Project: The Coordinate Plane

We started one of my favorite activities of the year today, one in which students create a Facebook profile for a point in the first or third quadrant of the coordinate plane.

Here is a link to other ideas for teaching this topic. You can also print out the Facebook activity for use with your students. Enjoy!

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Oct 16, 2015

Early Education - A Fresh Approach

This is more like what early childhood education needs to be!

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Oct 02, 2015

Got focus?

Do your kids have difficulty focusing or paying attention? Here are some strategies which may help.

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Sep 29, 2015

Ideas for Grouping Students

Students need to talk about what they are learning so it is important that they work together in groups.

Here are some ideas for grouping them.

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Sep 25, 2015

My Favorite Art Project

If you have looked at the pages of this site, you already know how much I love using art in my classroom to improve memory.

Here is my all-time favorite.

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Sep 22, 2015

Stress and Learning

In these days of high stakes testing, it is hard to remember that learning is supposed to be fun. Stress has such an adverse effect on learning in general - especially memory - that lowering stress in our classrooms needs to be a priority.

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Sep 18, 2015

Repeat and Repeat Some More

Repetition is critical for learning just about anything. Repeated practice builds accuracy and speed and is especially important in developing reading fluency.

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Sep 14, 2015

Art and Math

Art projects can really help reinforce key math vocabulary and concepts. Here's our first one of the year - illustrations of exponents!

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Sep 10, 2015

Math Word Walls

Why have a math word wall? Here's why!

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Aug 31, 2015

It's time!!

It's time to build some vocabulary!! We now have enough words on our word walls to have some fun - and build some math vocabulary. Let's GO!!

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