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A list of free sight word games found on this site which may be used for learning basic sight words and Dolch words as well as content area vocabulary:

Sight Word Matching Game
Played with pairs of word cards, one on and the other off the word wall, this game can be used to learn both sight words and content area vocabulary.

Eye Spy
This word wall game may also be played to learn content area vocabulary, in which case I say, "I Spy the word that means......"

Word Hunt
For this game, word cards must be off the word wall so kids can hunt for them. They love it!

Word Wall Relays
This word wall game requires a ball and a word wall that is within reach of the children. They will read words all day long with this game!

Skipping Game
This game is important because it combines physical coordination and learning sight words. It is played with word cards which are not on the word wall.

I found this card game on a teacher message board and am (unfortunately) unable to retrace my steps to give credit to the person with whom it originated. I adapted it to our needs, and this is the version we played.

Pick It!
Another card game using words found during partner reading, played before they go on the word wall.

Word Adoptions
I have been absolutely amazed at how much children of all ages absolutely love this activity! Forms and certificates are here for you to download and print out.

This one works really well for content area vocabulary, too, and is ideal for reviewing words on the word wall.

Laser Show
Kids love laser pointers, I don't care how old they are. This game requires careful supervision and is great for use with all kinds of word walls.

I Am
This is a great game for all kinds of word walls and can be used for filling in extra time whenever you have a few minutes before lunch or dismissal.

Memory Game
Kids of all ages love this game - especially when using a Star Wars light saber! I like it because it also develops memory.

Scavenger Hunts
Both versions are suitable for all subjects and grade levels.

Free Sight Word Games Online

Star Words - One of my favorites with a Star Wars theme, from BBC Education

Make a Match at

Matching Games listed at Mansfield/Richland County Public Library

Dolch Word Games collection at

Make a Match from - My grandson loves this one!

And don't forget......

Sight Word BINGO

This old standby is still a hit with kids. Cards may be printed out at various places online including Mrs. Perkins' Dolch Words where you can find other games and activities as well.

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