Sight Word Baseball

by Kim Johnson

Sight Word Baseball
Classroom with designated bases
Dolch word flash cards
An empty box covered with paper and packing tape. Each side of the box needs a word that relates to baseball on it (1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, home run, out, out).

Split your class or group into 2 teams. Then show the player of the first team the flashcard. The student reads the word and then you pitch them the box. He/She hits the box with their hand. The class/group reads the ball and the player moves to the correct location. The next player goes and the same process continues unit that team gets 3 outs. The next team is up to bat and the others are in the field.

The students in the field should be practicing reading their flashcard pack with a partner so they are ready to go when they are up to bat.

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